Willow Grading

Cricket Bat Willow is identified by remarkably accelerated growth and a proportioned habit; these two factors combine to design straight grained, lightweight wood ideal for high-quality cricket bats. You require careful selection of the world’s best raw materials for making the most outstanding quality cricket bats. The timber used by Laver & Wood, Salix Alba Caerulea (Cricket Bat Willow), is renewably harvested in England.

J.S Wright and Sons are the largest suppliers of willow in the south of England, and at Laver & Wood, we obtain pre-graded raw clefts willow.

It is essential to choose the right base for crafting the perfect bat. Depending on the bat you select, we can find a willow cleft with some grains, hand grade it to achieve the look you want.


Laver & Wood offers handcrafted bats in following the willow grades:



Private Bin

Special Reserve