Signature Grade

Signature Willow is the best of the best in both performance and aesthetics. A typical Signature cleft will have no blemishes on the face of the bat and a tight, clean and straight grain structure. Our Signature Willow is the very cream of J.S. Wright & Sons Willow.

It is highly unusual for us to have more than two pieces of Signature Grade willow available at any one time. Therefore we usually have a waiting list in operation. Each willow shipment is extremely carefully graded and only one or two clefts per hundred Grade 1 Clefts will make the Signature grade.

Signatures require James Lavers’ personal touch at every stage of bat making. Starting from selection of the ideal cleft for the specific weight, shape and sweet spot position through to pressing the cleft to maximise performance and the performance lifespan of the cleft. James’ masterful drawknife and sanding skills required to make the bat feel like an extension of the batsman’s body, this attention to detail and balance makes our Signature the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Each Signature is individually numbered and registered in Laver & Woods Signature record, so yours will hold a unique prestige and reverence internally at Laver & Wood.

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